Born at home in Mona Commons in Kingston, Jamaica in 1979 Today the world knows him as Iya Ingi Coming from a musically rooted family of six brothers and three sisters,he knew from an early age what his future had in store for him.The artist describes himself as a “Liberal Ethiopian” fighting to defend Ethiopian sovereignty. “There is a serious sense of purpose to the artist Iya Ingi. He holds the banner of Ethiopia high in all that he does with added power coming from his name, a play on the word Nya Bingi, which means “death to black and white downpressors.” 
Iya’s father repatriated to Ethiopia in 1995 when IYA was 16 years old. Before this time IYA had witnessed his father playing an active role in the Twelve Tribes of Israel, & with this combination of experiences it set forth the seeds for Iya Ingi and his future path.

Musically Iya Ingi began his journey by experiencing dances with world renowned Jah Love Sound at Twelve Tribes of Israel Headquarters; his preferred family musical entourage & this is where his passion for communicating strong messages through sound began. It was during this period where he developed his sense of purpose as well as deciding his life mission!He continued this throughout his time at high school. While working as parking supervisorat a jewelry store he began writing his own lyrics, & the empty store he spent his evenings in providing him with the solitude required to focus on his flow. 
In 1999 he practiced with the Aluta Continua band where he honed his skills to the perfection it is today. It was during that time period that consequently lead him to win the 2003 and 2004 University of the West Indies Chancellor Hall “Pre spectrum song contest where he won the opportunity to be the opening act at the 2003 and 2004 Spectrum Concert held at the University Students Union.
His performances have grown with his first three shows
“The Marcus Garvey Birthday Celebration” (New Haven Kingston),
 “The Songs of Salvation Showcase (Clarendon) 
“Aluta Continua Bob Marley Birthday Celebration”
@Back Yard in Kingston) 
Under his belt are numerous performances locally and overseas to mention a few he made good impressions at Sizzla Kalonji’s Rise to the Occasion  in 2006 and was asked to return in 2007due  to numerous outpours of an encore performance. 
He was also very well received at Jah Cures “Cure Fest” in 2007.
Iya had done the UWI Spectrum Showcase for five years in a row with expectant rousing encore performances. He also performed at the Twelve Tribes of Israel shows a very influential performer at their 40th anniversary show in 2008.His First Tour to Europe was (Holland) in June 2008 at the Hague in the Netherlands for the “Shootme Film Festival to which he gave the patrons an extremely memorable,well accepted energetic performance.
Recent stage shows have included Arizona, Chicago & St Louis 
with several inquiries coming regularly.  
Iya takes great inspiration from his Mother, Murlene Francis (Delce),
Father Algernon Williams (Asher),whom recently transcended to the other side.
Haile Selassie I, Incient iyahta  Iya vows to continue to hold the families Ethiopian hierarchy crown high as well as the 12 Tribes banner even higher, in his fathers name. 
He also strives daily with strong affirmation to be his best every day
 for his children, Akil, Ikado and Ikila.
Iya Ingi is inspired by Ital Nature which sustains life and ital levity.
Currently residing in Arizona where he is partner in a Vegetarian Catering business 
Iya-Ful Ital Cuisine

Influences: Bounty Hunter, Sizzla, Moses I,Jah Cure & Kulcha Knox,
all of whom Iya Ingi sees himself working with in the future.
Music: His music videos off the Masterful Sip Volume 1 
“Rope In” “Skillz” & “Herbz”are on the visualizer playlists being seen globally 
His current singles “Never Give Up” “Give Rastafari Praise” “Give Thanks” “Be Careful of People” as well as a few older tracks incl.”Color Me Black” “Foundation” “Show Love” feat Derajah & of course his original track “Push On Through” are  currently receiving airplay on international soils. Lyrically all the tracks serve to inspire the youths, These tracks are of positive and motivating messages to the nation and the world at large. Offering encouraging words of advice such as,”No one can stop you,only you can stop yourself”. “Be Careful of those whom which you surround yourself with” “Never Give Up” & “Push On Through” 
As well as raising the awareness daily of being black & proud!  
Iya Ingi is presently spending most of his time composing and laying vocal tracks for his debut album. With plans to take his sound to the international arena, his focus will remain the same, 
to teach the world about Ethiopia and will always take his role very seriously
 as an Ethiopian Musical Ambassador -Iya inGi -di Fire Ingi- the i-thiopian MuZiKaL Ambassador